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Elisabeth Rongved, copywriter and journalist. 

I’m a bilingual (Norwegian and English) copywriter working freelance from Stavanger, Norway.
I have more than 10 years experience in journalism and advertising. I started as a reporter for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK in 2004. From 2006 to 2011, I was an editor and copywriter at the award-winning advertising agency Apropos Publicis (which later changed name to Oktan Apropos). In 2011 I worked as a journalist and community manager for Norway’s largest parental portals Babyverden.no and Familieverden.no. I have been working as a freelance writer since 2012.

Originally from Northern Norway, I have a strong international background. I have a Bachelor of Media Studies (print journalism) from La Trobe University in Melbourne (2002). I have lived and worked in London and Busan (South Korea).

I have a solid background in content writing; magazines and advertorials; blogging and social media; creative writing and journalism. I have broad experience on many media platforms for clients across a wide range of industries: From parenting and lifestyle, to real estate, banking and oil/energy. I am also privileged to know and work closely with some of the best freelance designers and photographers in Stavanger.
Feel free to contact me!

Below are some samples of my work in English.

Out in the world with NPC – Engineering opportunities in South Korea
NPC_Korea_Brosjyre_SF05-page-001 NPC_Korea_Brosjyre_SF05-page-002 NPC_Korea_Brosjyre_SF05-page-003 NPC_Korea_Brosjyre_SF05-page-004 NPC_Korea_Brosjyre_SF05-page-005

Client: Norwegian Petroleum Consultants NPC. Text and content: Elisabeth Rongved. Design: Bodil Stapnes / Muskat Design. Photos: Ben Weller.

Hotspot / Höganäs: Bridging the culture gap
Client: Spoon Content Agency, for Höganäs. Text: Elisabeth Rongved. Photo: Ben Weller

Add Value Magazine no 6: Live to work – or work to live?
add value 06_11_ver01_28-03-12_REVIEW-page-014 add value 06_11_ver01_28-03-12_REVIEW-page-015
Client: Add Energy. Text: Elisabeth Rongved. Photo: Private.

Add Value Magazine no 6: Lessons from Macondo: Revision of the NORSOK D-010
Client: Add EnergyText: Elisabeth Rongved

Add Value Magazine no 4: Full Cycle
add value 04_11_print_final-page-014 add value 04_11_print_final-page-015
Client: Add Energy. Text: Elisabeth Rongved



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